Ruched Thong Bikini

What’s next in the evolution of scrunchy style bikinis?  The ruched thong bikini, of course.  Since swimwear has slowly become more and more revealing, it’s not too much of a surprise that thong bikinis are now on the swimwear scene.  But even thongs bikinis, sexy as they are, need an upgrade of sorts, something new to give it a fresh new look.  That’s where the ruched thong bikini comes in.  The typical thong bikini has ample coverage in the front but a wedge of material or a thong in the back.  Design details can differ: maybe it’s a low-rise, maybe it’s a string version, maybe there are o-rings.  Regardless of the differences, all thong bikinis expose your cheeks to the sun and that’s what makes them unique.  What the ruched thong bikini does is add a little oomph to the style by incorporating puckered stitching down the back.  It gathers up some of that extra fabric and creates a groove that hugs your curves.  Not only do you expose your butt in a ruched thong, but now your butt looks curvy and round.  This extra bit of detail, though subtle, makes a noticeable difference in your rear.  Sure it sounds silly to think a little bit of strategic stitching could do anything on an already minimal piece of swimwear, but you have to try it on to see and believe it. Of course, a ruched thong bikini isn’t the style for everyone.  If you like the ruched look but want more coverage than a thong offers, there are full coverage versions with the ruched style as well.  There are regular bikini bottoms with ruching, ruched boyshorts and even ruched Brazilians!  Many other styles are available for you to choose from so don’t worry if the ruched thong isn’t your cup of tea.