Pucker Butt Bikini

The pucker butt bikini is the best solution for anyone who’s tired of the embarrassment that comes with drooping, sagging bikini bottoms.  If you’ve ever hopped out from the pool or stepped out from the water at the beach, you’ve likely done what most women have had to do: adjust your bikini bottom.  It may have shifted to the side, bunched up somewhere, maybe even sagged from the weight of all the water running out from it.  The last one’s the worse because you never know if you’ve accidentally flashed someone and it’s an annoying yet genuine concern. The pucker butt bikini, however, takes care of that problem to ensure that you have a carefree and fun-filled time at the beach.  The next time you head out to play in the waters, try on this style. It may look a little odd at first, but you’ll soon realize how comfortable and functional it actually is. The front and sides of this style usually look like any other kind of bikini bottom, but the difference is all in the back.  There’s a unique line of puckered stitching that runs vertically through the center of the bottom.  Essentially, it’s the excess fabric that’s been gathered and stitched up so that there just isn’t any extra fabric to droop down.  Plus, as an added bonus, the ruching or puckering really hugs your contours to show off your curvy assets.  You get to flaunt it, look stylish, be comfortable and have a functional bikini bottom, all in one.  The pucker butt bikini really is a great option for any woman who’s tired of tugging and adjusting her bottoms while at the beach.  No one wants to be caught fixing any blunders so just avoid having them altogether by trying out the pucker butt bikini.