Pucker Back Brazilian


If you’re a fan of Brazilian styles, take a look at the Pucker Back Brazilian.  This style takes the increasingly popular Brazilian bottom and adds a pucker detail in the back.  For anyone who’s unfamiliar or uncertain, the Brazilian bottom is simply any bottom style that has a low rise and exposes more in the back than a full bikini bottom.  The amount that’s exposed varies from style to style and designer to designer, but as long as more skin is out on display, it’s generally considered a Brazilian. The puckered look in swimwear is a relatively new trend on the swimwear scene, but one that’s growing in popularity. The pucker refers to the line of vertical stitching down the back of the bottom that looks, well, puckered.  This scrunched up look seems odd to most people at first, but once it’s on and people try it out, opinions change.  What the puckering does is add definition to your tush and give it more shape by creating a contour.  Instead of fabric laying flat and hiding your curves like a regular bikini bottom, the puckering creates a little indentation to give your rear more shape.  Plus, since there’s no extra fabric laying about, you don’t have to worry about your bottom bunching up or shifting around.  No more embarrassing faux pas! Since the puckering shows off your curves, its going to add to the sex appeal of a bottom that’s already showing off some extra skin.  With the Brazilian style already turning heads at the beach, image what the extra puckering could do!

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