Boyshort Bikini

Boyshorts are fantastically comfortable and cute in their own way, so any woman who’s a fan of this style of underwear is likely going to be a fan of the boyshort bikini as well.  The boyshort panty is a style that’s modeled after men’s briefs but with a feminine approach.  They generally have a low rise and wide sides but with a very short leg length so that the overall look is a very short short.  Length varies from designer to designer, of course, but the style is unmistakable.  The bikini version of the boyshort is exactly the same as its dry land version but with different material.  These super comfortable bottoms can be worn during any beach activity and you won’t have to be concerned about things shifting or bunching or getting accidentally exposed.  This style offers maximum coverage with a slimming effect, so anyone concerned about any problem areas can rest assured that the boyshort bikini will address those concerns.  Ruching also helps to hide trouble sports so any boyshort with ruching detail will pull double duty in helping you stay both comfortable and confident. If you’ve never tried on the boyshort before, give it a try and see what the fuss is all about.  You may end up deciding it’s the perfect bikini bottom for you!