Scrunchy Butt Bikinis

At first glance, the scrunchy butt bikini might look a bit odd.  From the front, the bottom looks like any other bikini bottom you’ve seen – low rise, full coverage, maybe with string ties on the sides.  But then you get a look at the back, and that’s when you notice the major difference – the scrunchy detail – and wonder “what is that?”  The scrunchy butt bikini is one of the newest trends to transpire on the fashion scene, specifically in the world of swimwear.  Most women are very familiar with the inevitable issue that emerges from a bikini bottom: the saggy butt.  When you jump out from the water or hop up onto the edge of the pool, gravity plays its cruel trick on the weight of the water still in your suit and what results is an unattractive and sometimes embarrassing drooping of material.

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It’s bunched up here and there, maybe some cheek is exposed, you have to quickly adjust it before anyone sees.  It’s happened to a lot of woman and it’s certainly annoying.  Well, the scrunchy butt bikini takes care of that issue.  That weird scrunched up detail you were wondering about before?  It designed to gather up that excess fabric.  Now that the extra fabric is gathered and stitched together, there’s nothing left to look saggy or baggy when you get out of the water.  No more accidental exposure.  Additionally, it serves to hug the curves of your butt to give you a shapelier look.  It’s like wearing your favorite pair of jeans, the ones that make your butt look really good, but with a bikini. With this new style, you get both form and function. Granted it looks a bit odd and takes some time to get used to, but once you try it on and see how comfortable it is and how curvy you look, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

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